Saturday, December 7, 2013

Ergun Caner's Arrogant Dismissal of His Own Falsehoods

We need to pray for Ergun Caner to come to know Christ.
James White suggests in this video that the behavior of Ergun Caner may indicate that Caner may not be a Christian at all. Their is no evidence of true repentence, and regeneration. Ergun knows full well that he has been caught and exposed as a blatant liar, and yet he goes on the attack to protect his lies, by taking believers to court. Not only does Ergun Caner thumb his knows at the truth, he also thumbs his nose at the Word of God. This has led me to ask, that everyone that reads this, please take the time to pray that God Himself, would bring Ergun to repentance. Thank you,

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